Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hello bloggers, today on the Melville was another warm and sunny day. Today during the science meeting we discussed the transition we will make from surveying with MR1 and bathymetry to the beginning of dredging. The MR1 side scan will be taken out of the water around 6pm on May 31. We will then start the dredging leg of our trip; beginning dredges the night of the 31st. Just before the dredging begins Dennis Geist will give a small talk on the procedures and protocol for sorting and storing the rocks collected from each dredge. This is very important because the last thing any of us want is to allow for the miss match of various dredge samples. Along with protocol we also learned how to tie a bowline knot, an essential knot to sailing, this will allow us to tie down the dredge while its on deck. As we begin our transit to Santa Cruz (an island in the central Galapagos archipelago), we will in fact cross the equator. Here on the Melville there are a large number of scientists and crewmembers who have never crossed the equator. There is a ceremony commemorating our first passage across this invisible line.

Here is an important skill we've learned so that we can tie off dredges: the bowline knot. Here is a step-by-step guide to tying it:

First, take a length of line, and pass it around an object you would like to tie the bowline around. Ensure that one end is shorter, the end that terminates, and the other has slack.

Create a loop in the side of the line that does not terminate. The end of the rope in the loop travelling towards the body of the author short be wrapped under the other end.

Pass the shorter line through the loop once.

Pass the end of the terminated line underneath the line coming towards your body from the loop.

Finally, take the end of line, and pass it back through the hole, and tighten the knot. There you have it, a bowline! It's a special knot that will not slip, but it also does not tighten under stress, making it easy to take out.

Finally, Will Schlitzer would like to congratulate his little brother, Sam, on graduating high school today!

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