Friday, May 28, 2010

May 29th 2010: Dredge Proposals

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We’re drawing to the end of the mapping phase of our cruise (…and nearing the much-anticipated dredging phase! As geologists, we’re pretty excited about the promise of actual rocks.). We’ve only got two more days until we do some preliminary dredges before briefly disembarking and heading ashore for some land-based adventures. But before we can get the dredge in the water, we have to plan things out, and as the previous post noted, each student has received the task of planning a dredge of their very own.

The 4 - 8 shift likes to begin a stressful day of dredge planning with calming meditation. "See the dredge, be the dredge."

After a couple days of planning, today was the big day for some of the students who presented their dredge proposals in front of the council of elders! (They love it when we call them that…especially Eric.)

Will C. discusses his plans to dredge the seamount affectionately termed 'the Nubbin.' His shiftmates Ally and Angela planned dredges on the nearby round seamount colloquially known as 'the Cheerio.' Together they form the CNL (Cheerio-Nubbin lineament).

Cam discusses his dredge plans with the group while Dan and Ally look on.

The great Harppolini is unimpressed, even though Carbone provisionally named a giant caldera after her.

Karen, Dennis, Allison, and Eric enjoy the sunset out on deck.

The flamingo pose silhouetted against the sunset in honor of the officially named FLAMINGO cruise.

And here's today's


Marques would like to give a big shoutout to his Dad and his bff Teddy Florence!

Also, don't forget to check out an interview with Chief Mate Chris over at the Crew Corner!

That's all for us on the Melville today. Don't forget to tune in tomorrow!

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