Monday, June 7, 2010

June 7, 2010

Hey everyone!

Make sure to check out the Crew Corner for today's interview with Bud Hale!

Also, if you want a little more info on how the multibeam bathymetry system that we've been using to map the ocean floor works, be sure to check out the update to the instruments page.

While today's overcast weather didn't provide the best sunbathing weather, it definitely didn't stop the dredging plan. After a successful TowCam tour of the base of Darwin Island late last night/early this morning, the dredging fury continued. Three dredges were completed today: the base of Darwin Island, the westernmost drip on the Wolf-Darwin Lineament (the feature furthest north on the lineament), and Nick's dredge of the northermost feature on the Cheerio-Nubbin lineament. The Cheerio-Nubbin lineament (CNL) is the name proposed by Ally and Will C. who believe their proposed dredge targets look like a Cheerio and a 'Nubbin', respectively, and form a linear feature with Nick and Krista's dredge sites that trends in a similar direction to the Wolf- Darwin Lineament. For now, the name has stuck and has become a favorite of the science team. Right now, Krista's dredge has just been put into the water so we'll have a fresh haul of rocks on deck in a few hours. Scheduled for tomorrow are Ally and Will's dredges, continuing down the Cheerio-Nubbin lineament.

Here are a couple images captured by the TowCam from last night. They show generally older features that have been nearly entirely covered by sediment.

Here are a few images of undersea critters that the TowCam happended to photograph as well.

Today is the birthday of Paul Johnson, a member of the HMRG team, who got off the ship in the Galapagos, but that didn't stop everyone here from celebrating anyways. Thanks to the exquisite culinary skills of our cooks, we celebrated with a delicious chocolate cake. Happy Birthday Paul!!
Here is Paul working on the MR1 towfish.

The delicious cake we had after dinner... don't worry, he's only departed from the ship.

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  1. Great pics!
    You remind me a lot when I did a Galapagos tourist class yachts.. unfotunatly I went there with my ex boyfriend... but the place and the experience were amazing
    thanks for sharing, very nice