Saturday, June 12, 2010

June 12, 2010

Hello faithful blog watchers!

So the dredging continues as the science team gears up for the home stretch aboard the Melville. With only a few days of dredging left before heading for Costa Rica, everyone has been working as efficiently as possible to get as many dredges and TowCams in as possible. Today we successfully completed four more dredges and are currently getting ready to start dredge 36!

Drew Kerlee gets everyone ready for a rendition of Rattlin' Bog.

In other Melville news, King Neptune's challenges for the polliwogs have officially begun as all the 'Wogs had to entertain the Shellbacks today with a talent show. As expected, the Wogs came through with a truly spectacular show that entertained the Shellbacks (even if they won't admit it). Despite the boos coming from the Shellbacks, the Wogs persevered to deliver comedy, drama, music, and much more. One group of crew members performed a thrilling adaptation of "Pop-Eye the Sailor Man" with the lyrics changed to fit the life of a Wog on the Melville. Another group of both scientists and crew, led by Cadet Drew Kerlee, had an excellent rendition of the Rattlin' Bog/Bog Down in the Valley-Oh. Will C then woo-ed the crowd with his appearance as Dan Fornari in a TowCam scene with help from Krista. Will shaved his beard (which he had been working on for the entire cruise) into a mustache, turning him into the spitting image of Dan, and went on to nail his role as one of the leaders of the science team. Then a group of scientists led by Eric and Gretchen, performed their take on the TowCam with an interpretive dance set to the music of Fantasia. Eric as Dan maneuvered Gretchen as the TowCam with an oversized mock winch control system, and she weaved her way through a maze of undersea rocks, coral, and whales until she crashed, causing one of her strobe lights to fall off. Then Eric again stole the show as he masqueraded as the Sir Mix-A-Lot of the Melville with the help of Krista, Cait, Ally, and Gretchen with a rendition of Baby Got Back he entitled Baby Got Rock. After that, Brian performed an interpretation of Red October on the Melville as dredges, TowCams, magnatometers, etc. were all being deployed complete with an excellent Sean Connery impression. To finish it all off, Cam, Will S, Marques, Mike, and Nick put together a dance routine for Denny and Dan to the tunes of It's Rainin' Men.

Eric as Sir Mix-A-Lot.

Brian receiving his Wog name from Brandi, King Neptune's correspondent on board.

Dan and Dan... or is that Will?

Denny and Dan get a show they won't soon forget.

All in all it was a great show, but the real show starts tomorrow as the Wogs have a lot left to do before they can become Shellbacks. Everyone was given a name that the Shellbacks will refer to them by until they no longer have to call themselves Wogs. Some examples of the names were Giggly Wog, Cowboy Wog, Stealth Wog, and Whale Lover Wog. For now we Wogs are being kept in the dark as to what plans are for tomorrow, and all we've been told is to make sure we get our sleep while we can. Hopefully soon we'll be able to fill you in on the details as full-fledged Shellbacks.

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