Monday, June 14, 2010

Sunday, June 13

Today was an interesting and exciting day onboard the Melville. For us Pollywogs, the day began with an awakening at 5 AM, when we put on our attire (all of our clothes on backwards and inside out) and headed to the bow to perform our wog anthem. This was followed by a measuring of the ship’s length (in fish), and a cleaning of the entire ship. The day’s festivities culminated in our court appearance to King Neptune, where we were duly punished by crawling through old food for our illegal crossing of the equator, and then became shellbacks!

In other news, dredging has progressed beyond the original expectations. While the ceremony was going on, several shellbacks took the pollywogs’ responsibilities for the day and continued working. There were originally 40 dredges planned, and with 36 hours left of dredging, we have completed 40 so far.

Today, we also passed by the islands Pinta and Marchena, albeit much farther away than previous times.

Finally, Ally would like to make a shout out to her sister, congratulating her on graduating college!

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