Thursday, June 17, 2010

May 16th: PACKING!

Hey blog-followers,

We’re getting down to our final days aboard the Melville and
lab-cleaning operations are underway. We’ve got a lot to get packed
before we disembark on the 19th, but with our dredging and mapping
operations over, we’ve got some time to set aside for packing and
cleaning up. It’s hard to imagine what the lab will look like with all
our stuff moved out.

Today we continued presenting our geologic maps. Cam, Nick and Marques
talked about their work and got some helpful critiques from the
elders. One of the main goals of producing these maps is to be able to
define distinct geologic structures present in the sonar and /or the
bathymetry. For some of us, these skills will be hugely useful in
interpreting features and preparing maps for our final presentation.

It’s definitely not all work though: Chief broke out his suped-up
potato gun and we had some fun firing leftover potatoes off the boat.
We also scored a tour of the engine room and an overview on some of the mechanics of the ship. In the afternoon, some of us were also lucky enough to see dolphins swimming along the bow.

Also on the list of fun activities: tonight we’re watching another
movie out on deck. Chief has a projector set up so we can watch the
film projected onto a white wall.

Finally, we’d like to send some birthday wishes to Denny today!

Happy birthday!

Denny's birthday yoga on the bow

Everyone getting ready to dive into their bliss

Warrior one pose

Cushman shows off his flexibility

That's all for today ¡Adios!

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